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 NAEL BODE-Licensed Esthetician

Estheticians are skincare specialists responsible for performing a variety of facial and body treatments designed to increase, improve, or maintain the health and appearance of the skin.

Estheticians do not diagnose or treat medical conditions or diseases of the skin.Their work is focused solely on skincare as it relates to general health and beauty. Their training allows them to detect skin problems that may require medical attention, so they sometimes refer clients to dermatologists or other medical professionals.

Depending on their work setting or job title, estheticians may perform a variety of services, from simple facials, exfoliations and depilatory hair removal; to laser therapy, microdermabrasion, body wraps and even makeup application.


Though the treatments and procedures that estheticians perform are primarily designed to keep skin on the face and body healthy and attractive, many times these procedures are meant to simply relax or rejuvenate clients, allowing them to enjoy a relaxing spa day using these listed procedures:

  • Provide high-quality facial treatments that address skincare concerns

  • Advise clients and suggest treatments related to their individual needs

  • Perform face and scalp massages for therapeutic or relaxation purposes

  • Remove hair by exfoliation, waxing, threading, or with chemicals

  • Apply makeup/perform makeovers and perform makeup applications for special events

  • Perform face and body masks, wraps, sugar and salt scrubs, and compression wraps

  • Perform facial extraction for blackhead removal

In addition to the use of lotions, oils, masks, creams and ointments, estheticians may  use mechanical, electrical apparatuses and devices to perform procedures. Some of the devices that estheticians use include:

  • Led light therapy machine

  • Micro peel machine

  • Facial scrub machine

  • Micro stimulation XL

  • Ceramic mineral stone

  • Lymph circulation

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